As a visual artist or painter, there are surely a lot of platforms wherever you will be able to specific your feelings and your thoughts. The canvass isn’t the sole venue for you to color those extraordinary colors. There are lots of ways in which will offer you the luxurious of art.

So here are some platforms wherever you will be able to specific your means of art during a distinctive and artistic way:

  1. Colored Pencils

For beginners, exploring the wonders of a colored pencil is a decent start. By consuming some colored pencils, it solely looks like you are  using a traditional pencil. However, at this point you are  about to mix the colors so as you can produce some shades and a few contours. This is often a decent and creative means for beginners as they will still have an excellent management over making some different and unique strokes. One in every primary extraordinary practices and exercise in creating an art through the use of colored pencils is by making a colored wheel chart. It is additionally a decent exercise by drawing some shades out of various shapes like a cube, a cylinder, and a rectangular box. This could be surely enough to facilitate beginners to possess a decent contouring and shading talent in utilizing and practicing in using colored pencils as a medium.




On the other hand, do not forget the standard of the paper that are about to use. A swish paper would be recommendable. a number of the great papers that you simply will use with a swish surface could be a vellum board or paper that is admittedly low-cost. you will be able to additionally use a Canson paper or book for observing too.


  1. Watercolor Painting


Using watercolors are quite the fundamental factor that you simply ought to observe with when it comes to painting. Watercolors are simply cheaper than actual paints. You will be able to have the time to observe the mystery of blending color and making some shades in numerous coatings. There are lots of watercolors out there that you can simply use. There are in palette or cake type, and there are also some watercolors that are within the tube type. However, there is quite a distinction between these 2 watercolors. The cake is simply easily wasted above all for those starters; however, it is very advisable or recommended for artists who are amateurs. Whereas the tubes are advisable or recommended for those skilled watercolor painters since they can simply and conveniently use these wherever they are going. The watercolors also are easy to preserve since it is placed within a tube.




One of the fundamental things that you simply will do for observing in using a watercolor medium is by painting some fruits that you simply will see in your kitchen. By actively practicing in creating some paintings regarding those easy and simple shapes of fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and alternative fruits, you will be sure enough become a professional watercolor painter in no time. You will be able to use papers that are acid-free and are thick enough to carry the water for the water color painting. Some sensible brands that are used for the paper are Canson paper or sketchpad, and Berkeley paper or sketchpad. It is additionally necessary to be aware of the paint brushes that are going to be used. There are plenty of thick and thin brushes; and it is important to use the right brush for the right stroke and painting in order to achieve the best painting that you could ever do.


  1. Acrylic Paint


Acrylic paint is one in every of the mediums that are utilized by creative and artistic artists who are within the skilled or artist grade level. Acrylic paint has nearly a similar principle in watercolor painting in terms of blending some colors. However, an acrylic paint, it includes a completely different texture. It is the art of an acrylic to possess a unique and solid texture than the watercolor. Completely different techniques are utilized in using acrylic paints like using isopropanol, acetones, water, and alternative solvents to loosen up the color or to entirely take it away. What is sensible regarding acrylic paints is that it does not sometimes stain your garments since it is water soluble not like the oil.


  1. Oil Pastel



Oil pastel is one of the most frequently utilized by amateur and professional artists. This sort of medium is really easy to use and so easy to manage not like watercolors and acrylic or an oil medium. Oil pastel is simple to manage and it is quite similar to a colored pencil. However, an oil pastel will create your hands quite dirty and untidy since the pastel is kind of soft. The oil pastel is kind of easy to use since it looks like you are simply using a crayon with a better normal of quality and texture. It is simply stickier than those crayons. There are lots of ways that you can do in using oil pastel too. You will be using a cotton and an oil most of the time in order to unfold the colors and manage the amount of the darkness or lightness of the color in the painting.


  1. Chalk Art 


If you are thinking that chalk will solely be utilized in schools, then you must have some second thoughts right after reading this since as a chalk can be utilized in a really extraordinary, unique, and artistic manner. Chalk art is one of the most renowned sorts of platform when it comes to visual arts in the entire world. Using a chalk in visual arts is quite superb particularly once it is utilized in street arts. It is really renowned in street arts like creating some three-dimensional drawings within the streets or on walls. It is additionally not a burden since it can be simply erased by rain or by any kinds of water.


These are some of the foremost extraordinary platforms of visual arts. Art is everywhere; you will be able to create art simply by longing for a thought. As a creative visual artist, it is a responsibility to beautify the world through the form of creating a creative art. Expressing yourself and communicating will now not be isolated and inclusive in the type of speaking, you will be able to communicate and express yourself by merely creating some paintings or drawings which will imply what are you thinking of in terms of various matters like current events, social problems, environmental considerations, daily living, work things, and everything else below the warmth of the sun.

Furthermore, as a visual artist, you will be able to additionally influence others by showing them how sensible art can be. Being a visual artist is quite laborious. It takes plenty of mood swings so as for you to complete and finish a masterpiece. It may even take you days, months or years before finishing a very sensible piece of art. However, art isn’t simply one thing that you will instantly create during a strike of a lightning or during a blink of an eye. Art could be a vital factor that takes plenty of your time, contemplation, and plenty of concentration as well.

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